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Havaianas Slim Rose Ballet Crystal Crown Handmade Flip Flops


  • Love it or money-back
  • Ships worldwide for only $2.95
  • Soft rubber that doesn't cut into your feet
  • Perfectly fits as per the size

Havaianas Slim Rose Ballet Crystal Crown Handmade Flip Flops is our top tier Havaianas product.

When we created Rarus, we wanted to sell something more than a flip flops pair, something unique and different. To make a new Rarus look everyone desires.

We decided to go for it all in; First, we went to local artisans communities that we wanted to support. And with them developed a product which is indeed perfect, with the finest build quality and looks.

Our handmade flip flops will give you a look you always thrived for, a look it is rare to find, this kind of look that will make you bold, unique, Rarus.

Each handmade flip flops are skillfully crafted by a local artisan in a community we support. These artisans are talented individuals who helped us develop this product. By purchasing these handmade crafted pieces, you are strengthening their communities. You help us help them

There might be small differences between models; Still, we use only the finest jewelry materials to create the item. We use these materials to make sure the product last long and remain beautiful for an extended period. Our crystals are the highest grade color stones made by Swarovski and Preciosa. Our chains are silver plated cup chains made to be water and sand resistant.

Why Choose Us?

When you chose to buy from Rarus, you get the following benefits 

1. Flat rate super affordable shipping – We only charge $2.95 for shipping wherever you are; Furthermore, if you bought for $50.00 or more, you would get our sweet FREE shipping.

2. 100% Money-back guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied, you will get all of your money back! Promptly and with zero hassle. Not only that… I will also personally fly over to you to hand-deliver a letter of apology. That’s how confident we are in our products 🙂

3. 24/7 Support– We are always here for some advice – practical or philosophical. Click that little green box down below, and let’s be internet friends! Alternatively, email us on

4. The unique Rarus look – Here at Rarus, we have a trade secret. While still providing our customers with the most classic looks, we wanted to add a bit of our own taste, the Rarus taste. Therefore, We added more flip flops. Including handmade models and selected accessories to make your flip flops look different, to make them unique to make you Rarus.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

This is a risk-free purchase. Either look sexy on the beach in your new Havaianas… or get all of your money back (plus a hand-delivered note of apology).

Simple 🙂

Shipping & Delivery Times

What’s that!?!? Is it a bird… is it a plane… No, it’s Rarus incredibly quick shipping! As previously mentioned, we offer The most affordable shipping in the world, only $2.95 wherever you are. It’s also up there with the quickest.

Your items will be shipped worldwide within 1-2 business days. They will then arrive via our happy-go-lucky courier in 5-10 days (depending on holidays and weekends).

Rest assured, you’ll be swanning around in your new Havaianas in no time. 🙂

Size Chart

Havaianas Women Size Chart

Women Size BrazilWomen Size USWomen Size UKWomen EU size
33-34 BR3-4 US1-2 UK35-36 EU
35-36 BR6 US3-4 UK37-38 EU
37-38 BR7-8 US5 UK39-40 EU
39-40 BR9-10 US6-7 UK41-42 EU
41-42 BR11-12 US8 UK43-44 EU

If you want to return something, we will give you all of your sweet money back. We will also pay for return postage so you can sleep easy.

Havaianas Size Guide

Havaianas flip flops have three main sizes printed on the sole. Brazil (BR) size, EU size, and US size.

Havaianas Slim Rose Ballet Crystal Crown Handmade Flip Flops

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